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Growing The Game Together

The League

The VLA is an effort to further develop a professional volleyball league in the United States.  The league is comprised of five teams geographically located spanning the nation.   The teams feature former NCAA / NAIA Collegiate standouts and domestic as well as international professional players that have previously been competing overseas.

The Vision

The VLA aims to create a commercially viable professional volleyball league.  The initial season will feature men's volleyball and subsequent seasons as the league is set to scale, will include women.

The Partners

VLA has teamed up to partner with the following nationally recognized premier volleyball organizations:  USA Volleyball, AAU, JVA, and the AVCA.  All regular season events will be showcased at large scale junior and adult events hosted by the above organizations. The VLA is also excited to announce their partnerships with Smack Sportswear (Official Apparel sponsor) and Todd Jay Photography for the 2020 season.

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